How to Get a Quick Divorce in the UK

Getting a divorce can be painful for many people, and most people want pain to end as quickly as possible. However, divorces can sometimes take years, keeping couples from moving on with their lives. Fortunately, there are ways to get a quick divorce in the UK.

Factors for Quick Divorces

All divorces in the UK go through the same court process, but couples can help speed up their divorce when the following factors occur:

  • The other spouse doesn’t defend the divorce
  • The couple agrees about the reasons for the divorce
  • The marriage certificate is presented
  • The Acknowledgement of Service is returned as quickly as possible
  • Details needed to fill out the divorce documents are provided

It’s important for the divorcing couple to be on the same page if they want a quick divorce. Other requirements for seeking a divorce include the following:

  • Being married for at least 12 months
  • Having England or Wales as your permanent home
  • Being domiciled in England or Wales if you live abroad

Filling Out Divorce Papers

When you want a divorce, you need to take three steps to get the court to approve your divorce paperwork.

  1. Fill out an application to the court to file for divorce, which includes the reasons why you want the marriage to end.
  2. A decree nisi will be granted if the divorce is not defended. If it is defended, you can still apply for a decree nisi, but you will need to go to court regarding the case.
  3. Six weeks after receiving the decree nisi, the partner petitioning for divorce can apply for a decree absolute, which will end the marriage and allow you to remarry if you wish. The respondent cannot apply for a decree absolute until three months after the decree nisi has been granted.

It’s important to hire experienced divorce lawyers in Yorkshire and avoid hiring solicitors who promise that they can get you a divorce in 12 weeks. A 12-week divorce process is a myth and you will waste money if you hire someone who promises that to you.

Divorces Involving Children

You can still get a quick divorce if you and your spouse have children, but you need to agree on issues regarding them. This means that you need to agree on who has custody, and be on the same page regarding visitation rights and the children’s maintenance. If you also agree about the division of assets and debts, you may be able to avoid court hearings and get a quick divorce.

However, anyone can apply to the court during the six-week period after the decree nisi has been granted to say that the decree absolute should not be granted. They can tell the court that there are circumstances they should know about before the divorce is final. If that happens, you may be required to appear in court about any issues that have brought up.

As long as you and your spouse have an agreement about why the divorce should be granted and the respondent doesn’t defend the divorce, then you can get divorced quickly and move on with your lives separate from each other.