How to File a Complaint for Medical Negligence with a NHS Provider

The National Health Service provides healthcare for UK citizens, and in the event, a patient feels they did not receive proper treatment, there are procedures in place for making an official complaint against the relevant NHS healthcare provider. Every NHS organisation has a complaints procedure, and you can obtain the relevant details by contacting the relevant contact number for the NHS organisation concerned.

►   Seek Professional Advice – If you, or a member of your family has suffered due to medical negligence from a NHS care provider, it is advisable to seek out the help of an experienced medical negligence solicitor, who would have the necessary skills and expertise to help you to a positive outcome. This field of law is specialised, and the average person would find it very difficult to approach the complaints procedure in the same way as an experienced lawyer, and for this reason, it makes sense to enlist the help of the right legal firm. You might, for instance, be looking for medical negligence lawyers in Newcastle, and a Google search will give you a list of law firms who are suitably experienced in this complex field.

►   Consider your Requirements – When making a complaint against a NHS care provider, the patient must be very specific regarding what they are looking for. It might be financial compensation, or possibly, the patient might require an explanation and an apology, along with some kind of assurance that the negligence will not be repeated. If you enlist the help of an experienced medical negligence solicitor, they can help you though the complaints procedure, as well as deciding exactly what your ideal outcome would be.

►   Controlling Trust – Every NHS organisation has a Trust, which oversees the operation, and the first thing your solicitor would do is to check on which Trust is responsible for the relevant NHS care provider. Once the lawyer has this information, he or she will be familiar with the complaints procedure for that particular Trust and would help you to prepare the complaint letter, which would be sent by registered mail to the relevant address. The complaint letter can either be sent directly to the relevant care provider, or to the Trust’s complaints manager.

►   Contents – The formal letter of complaint would need to include all the relevant details concerning the circumstances that led to the medical negligence, and the solicitor would be able to help you with this, and he or she would be very familiar with the format, ensuring that the letter of complaint was very clear and concise.

When dealing with medical negligence complaints, it is always advisable to use the services of an experienced medical negligence lawyer, who can guide you through the procedure, and hopefully help you to reach a satisfactory outcome. It is important to file the complaint letter as soon as possible and certainly within 12 months of the event occurring.