How Can DUI Attorneys Help You?

No one wants to face arrest because of driving under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. While it happens often, it obviously, shouldn’t be the end of the world. If you are facing DUI arrest and charges, don’t despair. A competent DUI attorney can help you reduce the impact this mistake could have on your life and future.

First, you should know you’re not the only one; drunk driving affects the entire country. No one is proud of drunk driving, but many individuals make this mistake at least once in a lifetime.It is important to avoid driving while drunk altogether as the offense is costly in terms of getting the driving licence back, paying for insurance, getting the car back, and more.

What you can learn from this experience is not to do it again. A DUI attorney can help you go through the experience in the following ways:

The DUI attorney knows the system

While you won’t be able to deny that you were driving under influence, certain circumstances surrounding your arrest may affect your sentence. For example, mistakes and inconsistencies in paperwork filed by a poorly trained officer may work to your advantage.

Not to mention, blood test machines and breathalyzers usually give erroneous readings. Besides, if you have medical conditions like acid reflux and you are subjected to breath test machines, the results may be false positives. Savvy Las Vegas DUI attorneys can seize on such issues to help you win the case.

The attorney will look at your past

If it’s your first offense, you’re lucky as it will allow the DUI lawyer to argue your case out. After all, driving under influence was probably a one-time mistake and one that you won’t ever repeat. Using your lack of criminal record, your attorney will negotiate a lighter sentence for you. They can agree with the judge to use your clean record to show that you won’t repeat the mistake.

If you have a record

What if this is not your first offense? If your record shows other incarcerations or arrests, facing the DUI charge could well be scary. That’s precisely why you need to enlist the services of a DUI attorney. If your past record isn’t clean, you’re possibly in for some punishment. However, your qualified lawyer will use every resource at their disposal to minimize the severity of that punishment.

Probably, the arresting officer passed your driving license through a system and saw your criminal record. They might have concluded that you’re guilty in spite of the case at hand. If that’s your situation, it will be prudent to have a DUI attorney at hand, to argue on your behalf.

Your lawyer might know the arresting officer

It’s unexpected, but some law enforcement agents don’t uphold the law like their counterparts do. Chances are your DUI attorney knows most officers in your area, and may know whether the officer who arrested you often goes by the books or he’s the type who arrests people to fill their quota. Such information can be crucial in determining the outcome of your case.

Facing a DUI offense is not rosy at all. However, working with seasoned DUI attorneys in Las Vegas can minimize the sentence as they can negotiate terms that will favour you down the line.