Foreclosure Attorneys that Help to Stop Mortgage Fraud

There are numerous people who fail to make timely mortgage payments and face a foreclosure situation. For all such people, the Consumer Action Law Group comes forward to offer their help. They offer a free consultation to the consumers and offer their expert help to file bankruptcy to give you more time to catch up on payment. The objective is to stop foreclosures, allowing home owners to save their homes by having an affordable monthly payment plan. Their foreclosure attorney helps to stop foreclosure and save foreclosure homes.

There could be several genuine reasons why an individual will find it difficult to make timely mortgage payments. Due to the economic crisis, the number of foreclosure cases has increased since 2008, and there are foreclosure laws to protect homeowners. The expert mortgage foreclosure attorney associated with the Group takes the time to give you the best foreclosure option to help owners avoid foreclosures. More importantly, they layout foreclosure solutions that best fit your specific financial conditions. They make sure you can afford the payment before filing bankruptcy. In the case, you can’t afford the payment; they will guide you to the next legal options.

Attorney Yelena Gurevich, the Foreclosure Defense Attorney at the Group, maintains that people are often not aware of foreclosure laws that guarantee them a solution like mortgage litigation. She states, “People should know what mortgage fraud is and by identify the problem it can protect their homes. The California Homeowner Bill of Rights has been designed to stop the mortgage fraud and save foreclosure homes. We take help of the new laws to design a protection system that can help individuals save their homes.”


The foreclosure lawyers at Consumer Action Law Group suggest homeowners to review their mortgage rates and terms. If they feel that they are paying a higher interest rate or a terms that is not normal, they can call the attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group for  free legal advice. If the attorneys at the group identify that lenders foreclose the property wrongfully, they can help you plan mortgage litigation lawsuits and the next step.

Consumer Action Law Group can suggest and devise several types of solutions for homeowners that could be specific to their conditions and can help save their homes from foreclosures. For more information about the foreclosure laws available to the California residents and to know more about the services offered by the Group, one may visit their website