Child Custody and Visitation Schedules: Get Help from a Lawyer

When you get a divorce, there are many things that must be settled. There may be issues with property, bank accounts, and kids. The custody part of your divorce proceeding can be the most stressful part. Many areas have standard custody and visitation norms in place. These may not work out well for all families. A parent may work odd hours on some of the visitation days, for example. When you need help fighting for custody or visitation, a lawyer can help to get things under control.

Living Arrangements

Living arrangements for the children of divorced parents can be different, depending on the situation. It is common for the children to live with the mother and visit the father. This can upset some fathers, however. Shared custody is becoming more popular as a solution for parents that are equally involved. If you want to change the living arrangements chosen by the judge, you may need legal representation. The best family lawyers in Adelaide can help you find an arrangement that works best for your children. They may want to remain in the home that is near their school and friends. This may not be possible if they must change homes.


Visitation is important for both the child and parent. It allows time for parents to build a bond with their child. It is important that this bond is nurtured from a young age. Standard visitation schedules, however, may not work for everyone. Some parents have jobs that may interfere with the visitation times, causing them to miss out on the one or two days a week designated by the divorce decree. A lawyer can help you get a new visitation schedule approved by the courts. Visitation can also be an area where change is necessary. Some parents work out these changes on their own, however, couples in the middle of a divorce may not get along well enough to make arrangements without a lawyer.

Special Circumstances

There are times, unfortunately, when a parent may feel the need to end visitation altogether. This can be extremely difficult to do. There must be a severe safety issue for a judge to agree to end visitation. If there has been violence or substance abuse, the environment may be unsafe for children. A lawyer can help you gather the proper evidence and present it in the proper way. It is pertinent that parents seek legal help to deal with serious circumstances.

A lawyer can help you come up with a visitation schedule that works better for everyone involved. Older kids may also be able to present their desires in the courtroom. Living arrangements and visitation are often determined without consideration of special circumstances. You must have a lawyer if you are hoping to remove rights from the other parent. Before you go to court for the first time during your divorce, hire a family lawyer.