5 Things You Should Know When Considering Canadian Immigration

Canada is one of the most popular destinations for international immigration thanks to its friendly people, picturesque landscapes, temperate conditions, and friendly people. And if you are all of a sudden thinking of also making this move—now that you have learned of some of the great benefits of doing so—here are a couple things you need to know about MyLawyer.ca Canadian immigration law.


Spousal sponsorship is becoming more and more common thanks to the concept of globalization. Improved transportation and communication technology has made it easier than ever to work with people all over the world, resulting in international relationships, even marriage. Should your spouse live in Canada, for example, you may need spousal sponsorship.

There are two kinds of spousal sponsorship: inland and outland.  The former type allows for your spouse to have an open work permit (for both living and working in Canada). The latter, effectively, is a much faster process.


Immigration to Canada requires you pass a test. Fortunately, the country has been lowering the scores every year, making it easier and easier to pass the test and receive an invitation for Canadian citizenship.  And that also means that there has never been a better time to use the Express Entry program to expedite your immigration process.



This program is currently on hold but expected to resume at some point this year. If and when the program does recommence, it will have brand new selection criteria as well as options for accepting the application through an expedited process like Express Entry so you can more immediately receive your Quebec work visa.


Many countries offer student visa and Canada is no different.  In Canada, though, you have the option to bring your family with you (if you have one, of course; they will receive work permits). Studying in Canada has many benefits so a student visa is actually a great way to initialize your move to the country and get the full immigration process started.


Some countries have very strict requirements for immigrating there. Canada is not one of those countries: you don’t even need to have received a formal job offer to initiate your move to Canada.  With or without this job prospect you can get your Canadian Permanent Residence certificate.  However, it is also important to remember that work permits in Canada are actually not that easy to get.